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My name is Steven Yoo, a Master's student of Computer Science in Stanford University. I will be graduating in June 2012 and joining Bing as a Software Engineer soon afer. I did an internship at Bing working on the Question Answering system last summer. Before that, I worked at State Surge as a software engineer for a year and half.


From the summer of 2008 to the winter of 2009, I worked for State Surge as a software engineer. The company provides a free legislative tracking system on the web for both federal and state levels. My responsibility was to build domain-specific information extractors for government websites to collect legislative data and to develop a monitor for the extractors. In order to build a legislative tracking system, we aggregate legislative data from official government sources such as THOMAS and present legislative information to users. It helps more citizens to understand the complex changes that occur in the history of legislation. It will also contribute to further engaging public opinion and encouraging greater democratic participation.

Academic Interests

My academic interests lie within the fields of Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval. With the explosive growth of information sources available on the Web, Internet users across the world are challenged to extract and interpret appropriate information from large databases. I am eager to develop more effective methods to weave together a large network of human knowledge so users may experience fewer problems in accessing and processing the information they desire to understand.


I have a Korean blog at I write about programming, martial arts, books and things that inspire me.


Martial arts is my hobby; I am driven in martial arts much as other people are driven in sports. I have trained in Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, and Jeet Kune Do Unlimited. I enjoy the learning experience itself more than the fact that I am becoming stronger. The joy of learning various techniques is the most appealing aspect for me. I think it is amazing to watch and learn how we can use our bodies to generate power and channel an opponent's power and turn it back on him.

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